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Confessions of a Founder

To be completely transparent, this was not originally intended to be sold on Ink+Spark ( I simply wanted to create a journal as a way of holding myself accountable. I wanted to capture how infuriating it is to see the injustices that continue to exist today, to document what I could do to help bring about change and to reflect on the progress of my effort.
I am not white. I am not black. What I am is a person capable of taking action and acknowledging that I have a part to play in driving positive change forward. If we don’t acknowledge that we are capable of driving change, chances are, there will always be some excuse for inaction or the continued assumption that there are already enough “other” people doing the work.

Let's not be those people.

I hope everyone truly believes and acknowledges that we are all capable of making a difference in helping to “right the wrong” in our world. I hope that people also understand the action we take should not be a single occurrence fueled by our current outrage. It must be ongoing even if and when we see progress. It MUST be ongoing.

When Jeep walked into my office and saw the white words on my screen, he automatically assumed I was working on a t-shirt design and said, “I’d wear that”. I thought others might too in the hopes of getting this message across. And so here it is - White Words.